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Repression on Women Students at BHU

The repression unleashed on the women students of Benarus Hindu University brought to the fore two points…[..]

G.S.T Regime : The Small is in the Throes

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) ..with the declared aim of creating a uniform market throughout India by a single […]

Jharkhand : Yet Another Method to Oppress Adivasis

The Jharkhand Assembly has passed the Freedom of Religion Bill 2017 in August…It targets Christian adivasi people only to disguise […]

Modi and His Projects

Starting with Swachh Bharat, he (Modi) announced a number of schemes culminating in the demonetisation and GST.On these columns, comments […]

News in Brief : Killer Squads in the Name of Cow

In this “News in Brief” ‘Killer squads in the name of cow’; ‘G.M.O s Monsanto in the Dock’; ‘Us Imperialism: […]

Macron Launches New Round of Attacks on the Working Class of France

..Likewise, the government of Macron in France has launched a new round of attacks on its working class in the […]

Work Place Accidents

…In China Accidents occurred in two gold mines in the central Henan province….[…]

Agitations of Teachers

In Pakistan Karachi university teachers society members wore black armbands and put up banners …[..]

Agitations of Workers Around the World

In South Africa, electrical supply workers in the industrial region of Musunduzi in South Africa went in to an indefinite […]

Review : Gorky’s Mother (MAA) Came Alive On Stage

Gorky’s Mother came alive both Hyderabad..and Vijayawada on 6th, and 7th October respectively in the form of drama enacted […]

The Fallacy of Demonetisation

Eight months after demonetisation, the RBI released its Annual Report 2016-17 which showed that 98.96% of RS 500,1000 denomination notes […]

National and International Situation and Our Tasks

Political resolution adopted by the Central Committee, CPI (ML)[….]