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Work-Place Accidents Around the World

Pakistan:On 4th Nov 2015, at Lahore of Pakistan when a wall under construction for a factory collapsed 16 workers were […]

Un-Ending woes of the Workers:Horrifying Conditions of Indian Migrant Workers in West Asia

Around 8 million Indians live in the Gulf region. Many of these workers are leaving behind impoverished lives .[…]

Agitations of the workers Around the World

30 thousand coal mine workers in S. Africa demanding rise in their wages went in to strike.[..]


The Plight of Abandoned Tea Garden Workers in West Bengal > But neither the fame of Darjeeling tea nor the […]

Jute Mill Workers in A.P. in Distress

The managements of jute mills in A.P., having been playing havoc with the lives of their workers, through various foul […]

The Pathetic Conditions of the Former Maruti-Suzuki Workers for Survival

..But when we look in to the lives of its former workers who were dismissed from their jobs after the […]

Agitations of People in Other Countries

In Chile :On June 11 (2015), students throughout the country had protested demanding reforms of education,[…]

The Victorious Strike of Women Tea Plantation Workers Of Munnar that Exposed the Political Bankruptcy and Failures of…

The Munnar tea plantation women workers strike has once again amply proved that the path of undeterred struggle against the […]

Workplace Accidents

In SRILANKA :When a gem mine collapsed on April 8, 2015 at Ratnapura in Srilanka four workers were killed [..]

Agitations of Mine Workers

70 workers at a mine at curanilahue in Chile decended 2,000 feet in to the mine on Aug.11 [..]

The September.2. General Strike and the Immediate Necessity for Reorienting the Workers’ Movement on Working Class Lines!

To the one day token protest strike call given by the conventionof the central trade unions and industrial federations […]

Unending Woes of the Workers: The Future of the G.M Halol plant Workers is Doomed

The car manufacturing plant of General Motors is operating in India from 1996, at Halol of Gujarat.[..]