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Death of ISIS Leader Baghdadi

Osama bin Laden -Al-Qaeda leader, a creation of imperialists had to die in the end because the imperialists had lost […]

The Berlin Wall : Exposing the Lies of Imperialism – Nikos Mottas

 For more than 29 years, within the framework of the anti-communist propaganda, the bourgeois historiography and media have been engaged […]

Students Solidarity March in Pakistan

This year, the students held a massive nationwide solidarity march in protest against the cuts in the Budget for education […]

Popular Protests in Iraq

On October 24, thousands of Iraqis, mostly young men and women, took to the streets in Baghdad and other cities […]

Israeli Communist Party: The Settlements is a War Crime Endorsed by the U.S

The Israeli Communist Party and the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (Al-Jabha/Hadash) condemn US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s […]

Russia : Communists Paid Tribute to the 102nd Anniversary of the October Revolution.

The 102nd anniversary of the great October  Socialist revolution was honoured by thosands of communists across Russia..[..] 

Indonesia : Students and Workers are Up in Arms

Student protests continued in Jakarta and other cities braving the police repression..[..]

Kenya : Woes of Tea Plantation Workers

Kenyan tea plantations are owned by British corporate giants, including Unilever and Finley…In 2017 when workers went on strike for […]

US War of Occupation Kills Iraqi Kids with Radioactivity

For the first time, independent researchers have found that the bodies of Iraqi children born with congenital disabilities…[..]

Puerto Rico : Struggle Against US Imperialism

In the middle of July this year the people of Puerto Rico mobilized en masse to demand of resignation of […]

Pakistan Deep in a Debt Trap

The Pakistan people widely believe that the rulers in Pakistan are subservient to imperialism and are dictated by the IMF […]

Srilanka : Struggle Against US Domination Continues

..While the Srilankan Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe is busy in negotitiating several agreements with US, the Srilankan President Sirisena has […]