Monthly Archive:: April 2016

Once Again Racism Raises its Ugly – Head

In the country’s claimed silicon valley, the Bengaluru which is supposed to represent cosmopolitan ambience, an angry mob attacked a […]

Kashmir : The Struggle for ‘Disappeared’ People Continue

Kashmir people have horrifying and heart-breaking stories to tell. In the last two decades period, their husbands, sons, brothers, close […]

Prisoners in Varanasi Oppose Inhuman Conditions of Prisons

The incident which occurred on April 2, 2016 in Varanasi (UP) District Jail has, once again, brought to the fore […]

Forcing Urdu Writers to become paid writers

The stipulation by the Human Resources Ministry that the Urdu writers seeking a monetary support from the Indian Govt must […]

Protest against death of Rohit Vemula

The Manch organized a protest rally from Keraket Railway station to the Revenue divisional office on March 9 expressing their […]

Recent Murders of RTI Activists

287 other RTI users /activists were killed or harassed or attacked in the last 10 years[..]

Report from AP: “From Nehru to Narasimha Rao there never was a leap in favour of the poor”

The TarimelaNagi Reddy Memorial Committee published a book on Com.TN on the occasion of his birth centenary year. […]

Trampling the Rights of Adivasis

the Forest Rights Act (FRA) was enacted claiming that the adivasis would be endowed with rights over the forests and […]

Red Salute to Comrade Rayala Subash Chandra Bose,Homage to Prof. Randhir Singh,Red salutes to comrade Manda George

The Central committee of CPI (ML) expresses its sorrow on the sudden demise of Comrade RayalaSubash Chandra Bose, the Secretary […]