Monthly Archive:: June 2017

West Bengal : Fifty Years of Naxalbari Uprising Observed

In West Bengal, a “committee for Observation of 50 years of Naxalbari struggle” was formed consisting of five organisations of […]

Statement : Condemn Brutal Repression on Agitating Farmers

The All India Khet Mazdoor kisan sabha (AIKMKS) strongly condemn the killings seven farmers in police firing in Mandasur, Madhya […]

We Will Always Remember Comrade Khokan Muzumdar

On may 19, 2017 at 10-30 pm comrade Khokan Mazumdar had a second attack of cerebral stroke. He was immediately […]

50 Years of Naxalbari : Hold High the Banner of Naxalbari Struggle

25th May 1967 was a day when nine peasant fighters fell to the bullets by the armed police and became […]

Bicentenary of Karl Marx : Communist Manifesto Chapter III : Socialist and Communist Literature

Let our comrades once again study the excerpts we are publishing here so that they would be better equipped to […]

Korean Peninsula must be Freed from US Imperialist Politics of Domination

The Korean peninsula once again is witnessing heightened tensions,…The politics of intervention and domination pursued by the US imperialists…[…]

France : Monopoly Finance Capital’s Alternative – Macron

Emmanuel Macron was elected as the youngest President of France…Yet the fact of the matter is that the French monopoly […]

Dying for Imperialism is not a Matter of Pride for People

The Us wars in Vietnam and Korea were the wars of aggression and occupation. So, there nothing for the American […]

What US Imperialism Gained by Dropping a Bomb?

The U.S military announced on Apr,13,2017, that it dropped…Before the dust of US bomb has settled down, on April 22, […]

Musical Comedy Exposes US Invasion of Iraq

A Musical comedy produced by Charlie Fink called “BAGHDADY” was shown in New York (USA)…The Theme The US war […]

Homages to Com Shivasankar (Bihar), M.Venkata RAo (AP)

Comrade Shiv Shankar, State SEcratary of Bihar Unit of SUCI (Communist) passed away….. The veteran leader of railway men and […]

Horrible Conditions of Drought in Anantapur

A 9- Member Committee led by S.Jhansi, President, RCS (AP) has visited several drought affect villages in Kadiri and RAyadurgam […]