Monthly Archive:: December 2021

Farmers’ Agitation took the BJP Bull by Horns

The yearlong farmers’ agitation along the borders of Delhi,…

Fascism and Empire – Rajani Palme Dutt

Fascism is revealed today as the more…

Tributes to Com. P.Narayan and Com. Kamal Kishore

Com. Panchadev Narayan is the senior Leader of our Communist Party…

Popularistic and Money Distribution Schemes – To Hoodwink the People

Finance capital of imperialist countries is controlling,…

Publicity about Sudden Shortage of Coal is for the Benefit of Monopoly Capital

During recent September, all of us witnessed…

Workers are the Engines of the Economy

There are No Essential Service Workers, All Workers are Essential for the System

Discussion in the Meeting with the Creative Intellectuals (1946) -J.V.Stalin

Stalin: What do you want to tell me Comrade Fadeyev?

Forward to a United Party

Manifesto of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India on PARTY UNITY…

What does “Freedom of Criticism” Mean !

What is to be Done ? – V.I.Lenin

The Student’s Uprising in France

The de Gaulle government in..

The Situation of the People of Nepal has not Changed under Monarchy and Bourgeois Democracy

Nepal’s Ruling Classes Fight in Power Struggle

Protest against Mafia and Police Administration in Puri

On 30th November, 2021, Thousands…