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No one has Right to Play War Game with the Lives of People

By the overambitious and adventurous move to arrange for admission of Ukraine to the NATO as….

A Comment on Election Results

Elections were held in five states in…

On Elections -by Com. Madhu

Almost one year elapsed since the demise of our beloved Comrade Madhu. In this context we remember him with this […]

Interests of Imperialist Countries and Corporate Forces caused Climate Change and Environmental Destruction – Prof. Thota Jyothi Rani

The UNFCCC organises ‘Environmental…

Delhi can’t Usurp Irrigation Projects of States – Prof. Sridhar Acharyulu

The Gazette Notification by Union Minister for Jalashakti

mperialists are Criminals – Now in Ukraine

The war against Ukraine by Russia has The war against Ukraine by Russia has….

Sanctions Farce: The US’ Move to Steal the Afghan People’s Money

The Biden administration’s decision to freeze $ 7 ..

“All We are Saying is give Peace a Chance”

Serbian Football Fans List U.S., NATO Interventions with Banners

The United Front, the Peasant Movement and the Communist Party

This article was written by E.M.S.Namboodripad published in ‘New Age’, May,1954. We reproduce it for study

Alternative Note of D.V.Rao (CCM, then CPI(M)) in Burdwan Plenum, Presented by C.P.Reddy

We are bringing out the Draft on the Ideological..

Untouchability and Caste

Prof. Hiren Mukharjee with some intellectuals at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Memorial Lectures.

Cruelty Crossed All Limits at Bagtui, Birbhum

ower tends to corruption, absolute power corrupts absolutely….