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August 15, 1947: An Eternal Symbol of Despicable Betrayal of People of India

The BJP has been trying to pose itself to be the champion…

Socialist Transformation of Society Is Inevitable

Having recognised that the economic system is…

Release Comrade Koora Rajanna, Central Leader, CPI(ML) Janashakti

We came to know that Central leader of CPI(ML) Janashakti, Comrade Koora Rajanna…

Another Scheme to Appropriate Lands and Workers’ Rights

Punjabis Struggle against MITRA at Mattewara..

Socio-Economic and Political Analysis of India’s Semi-Colonial & Semi-Feudal State Character

The growth of the public sector in India has received….

Karnataka Farmers Agitation to Write-off Debts

Karnataka Gramin Bank has trapped farmers in huge debts

Theory and Practical Problems Concerning Casteism

Revolutionary Cultural Movement -Tamilnadu

23rd Congress of CPI(M) in Kannanur, Kerala

t is only a Ritual of the Party, its Leadership and the Cadre have not Sincerely and Honestly Reviewed the […]

An Open Call to Communist Revolutionaries

The fundamental premise for unity of communist….

Hands off to the Communists and the Working Class

n Venezuela for the past few months there ar…

The Struggles of Himachal Pradesh Apple Orchard Growers

On Wednesday, 20 July 2022, apple orchard..

Oh! These Kisans!! – Ra Sh

These kisans are an ungracious lot..