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The Bogus of Democracy

The Congress and JDS combine, has emerged victorious in this game. It has hailed it as a great victory for […]

May Day 2018

On May Day, the international day of working class solidarity, we convey our revolutionary greetings to the workers in struggle […]


On January 26th, 2018 and following two days, Kasganj of Kotwal area in UP was rocked by communal riots. A […]

In Commemoration of the Centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution

The Central Committee of CPI(ML) organised a mass rally and public meeting on the occasion of 100 years of Great […]

The Fallacy of Demonetisation

Eight months after demonetisation, the RBI released its Annual Report 2016-17 which showed that 98.96% of RS 500,1000 denomination notes […]

We Can Rekindle the Vanishing Dreams

As we enter in 71 st year of transfer of power, many questions stare at us demanding answers,.[…]

Red Salute to Comrade Kovai Eswaran

Our veteran comrade Kovai Eswaran, aka Com, Viswesvaran, has passed away on July first..Com, Eswaran is living legend of his […]

50 Years of Naxalbari : Hold High the Banner of Naxalbari Struggle

25th May 1967 was a day when nine peasant fighters fell to the bullets by the armed police and became […]

Baring the Fascist Fangs

Narendra Modi’s Government at the centre is baring its fascist fangs with every passing day while preaching ‘development’ and promoting […]

Donalad Trump is The Symptom of a Malaise

The election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of US imperialism with just 26 per cent of eligible voters […]

A Republic that Betrayed the People

Until and unless the predominance of feudal relations and hegemony of imperialism are wiped out, the Indian people cannot have […]

Demonitisation that Burdens the People

The impact on rural India is devastating. The demonitisation move came in the middle of hectic agrarian activity – that […]