Shadowy threshold…

Andhra Pradesh Teachers on the Path of Agitation

Education in Andhra Pradesh is in doldrums. People..

Why the most Unimportant is being posed as the most Important ?

What are the most important ….

India becomes a Fertile Ground for All Exploiters. Revolutionary Forces getting Organisationally Strong – Dhruva

India is also facing all the problems present …

Dollar Domination- A Tool of Exploitation of Imperialist Forces

In the context of war between Russia….

Socio-Economic and Political Analysis of India’s Semi-Colonial & Semi-Feudal State Character

ocio-Economic and Political Analysis of India’s Semi-Colonial & Semi-Feudal State Character ….

Naxalbari Peasant Revolt – Extracts from Terai Report

1) Why has the peasant movement in the Terai region proved to be an event having more far-reaching consequences than […]

55 years of Historic Naxalbari Revolutionary Struggle! – Vijay Kumar

The 1967 Naxalbari uprising still acts as a guiding ligh…

AIPLCF Condemns Karnataka Government’s Proposal

ll India Peoples’ Literary and Cultural Forum (AIPLCF)…

Tug of War between USA and China for World Hegemony

After disntegration of USSR, USA remained as the single super-power in the world…

Sacrifice of Workers at the Altar of Business Profits!

At Venkateswara stone crusher unit at….

Cultural Decadence and Moral Crisis in US Capitalist System

On 14th May an 18 years old young white man, Payton Gendron of New York shot 10..