50 Years of Naxalbari : Hold High the Banner of Naxalbari Struggle

25th May 1967 was a day when nine peasant fighters fell to the bullets by the armed police and became […]

Bicentenary of Karl Marx : Communist Manifesto Chapter III : Socialist and Communist Literature

Let our comrades once again study the excerpts we are publishing here so that they would be better equipped to […]

Korean Peninsula must be Freed from US Imperialist Politics of Domination

The Korean peninsula once again is witnessing heightened tensions,…The politics of intervention and domination pursued by the US imperialists…[…]

France : Monopoly Finance Capital’s Alternative – Macron

Emmanuel Macron was elected as the youngest President of France…Yet the fact of the matter is that the French monopoly […]

Dying for Imperialism is not a Matter of Pride for People

The Us wars in Vietnam and Korea were the wars of aggression and occupation. So, there nothing for the American […]

What US Imperialism Gained by Dropping a Bomb?

The U.S military announced on Apr,13,2017, that it dropped…Before the dust of US bomb has settled down, on April 22, […]

Musical Comedy Exposes US Invasion of Iraq

A Musical comedy produced by Charlie Fink called “BAGHDADY” was shown in New York (USA)…The Theme ..is The US war […]

Homages to Com Shivasankar (Bihar), M.Venkata RAo (AP)

Comrade Shiv Shankar, State SEcratary of Bihar Unit of SUCI (Communist) passed away….. The veteran leader of railway men and […]

Horrible Conditions of Drought in Anantapur

A 9- Member Committee led by S.Jhansi, President, RCS (AP) has visited several drought affect villages in Kadiri and RAyadurgam […]

Kashmir : Democracy in Action

in Kashmir. Just 7.14 percent of voters have casted their votes in Sri Nagar Parliament Constituency by-poll held on April […]

Jharkhand : Lenin’s Birth Day and Centenary of Russian Socialist Revolution Commemorated in Ranchi

In commemoration of Comrade Lenin’s birthday and 100 years of Russian Socialist revolution, the Jharkhand state committee of C.P.I.(M-L) has […]

Tamilnadu : Convention in Commemoration of the Centenary of October Russian Revolution, Fifty Years of Naxalbary Upspring and Birth Day of Great Proletarian Teacher Lenin

On 22 nd April 2017, The centenary celebration of Great October Revolution was celebrated at Selva Mahilkalyanamandapam,MGR Nagar, Chennai..[…]