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“Political Crisis assumes most Intensified Form”- Resolution of CC,CPI(ML)

The captains and drum beaters of capitalist system in the world had been proclaiming from their house tops that socialism […]

Life as a Soviet Person

I was born and grew up in the Soviet Union, but I did not realize the full meaning and the […]

Lenin-Great October Socialist Revolution

The Great October Socialist Revolution was victorious in Russia 46 years after the 1871 Paris Commune.[…]

The Importance of Ideological and Political Struggle in Building Revolutionary Movement

We are here to celebrate the Great October Socialist Revolution. Hundred years ago in 1917 under the leadership of Bolshevik […]

The World war II and Socialist Russia

A brief analysis of the situation in Europe as well as the world after the First World War and the […]

Class Struggle Continues as Long as Exploiting Classes Exists and Banner of October Revolution Flies High

The 1917 October revolution of Russia stood as a hope to all of humanity and as a great inspiration to […]

National and International Situation and Our Tasks

Political resolution adopted by the Central Committee, CPI (ML)[….]

The Revolutionary Spirit of Nagireddy Should Be Our Ideal

Comrade Nagireddy was rigorous towards himself, towards his family towards sincere comrades. Nagireddy was a hard man. why this hardness? […]

Hail and Commemorate the Centenary of Great October Socialist Revolution!

November 7,2017 marks the completion of 100 years of the victorious Great Socialist Revolution in Russia…[…]

Bicentenary of Karl Marx : Communist Manifesto Chapter III : Socialist and Communist Literature

Let our comrades once again study the excerpts we are publishing here so that they would be better equipped to […]

Protests Aganist Chauri Chaura Persecutions and Sentences

CHAURI – CHAURA is a glorious event in the history of Indian National Movement. On February 1922, thousands of peasants […]

The Manifesto of Communist Party by Marx and Engels should be the General Basis for the Unity of Communists

Much time has lapsed in examining the ideological and political differences that are at the root of the divisions in […]