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New Delhi’s Twin Agenda in J&K Control Land Use, Destroy Food Security

As a predominantly agrarian society, where social control over land use and rights for peasantry was institutionalised through rigorous reforms, […]


It is one year since Jammu & Kashmir was stripped off special political status, divided and degraded into two Union […]

Comrade P. Jaswanta rao – a revolutionary communist leader who insistently warned about how dependence of india on foreign capital is steeply perpetuating without any possibility of rescue

His demise is a matter of utmost grief to not only the C.P.I.(M-L) party and its ranks but is a […]

: Regressive Changes enforced on the Agricultural Sector

The changes in laws related to cultivation, sale, stocking and pricing of agricultural produce – food grain, vegetables, etc. – […]

Freedom of Expression is a Myth in India

In the wake of the First War of Independence of 1857 in India, the British colonial rulers with the intention […]

Rescue instead of Destroying MSMEs They cannot Survive after the Government-induced Third Shock

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) form an important sector of the economy. These enterprises contribute about 30% of […]

“They are always treated like this! Now it happens before the cameras!”

The images are no more copied from the Bollywood movies; they are real stories of the modern India. A migrant woman […]

World Economic Forum – For Whose Interests? A Critical Analysis

The Annual Conference of World Economic Forum have been organised as a spectacular event during 23rd to 26th January 2018 in […]

Engels on Marx’s Capital

As long as there have been capitalists and workers on earth, no book has appeared which is of as much […]

A Liberal Professor On Equality – Lenin

Liberal Professor Mr. Tugan – Baranovsky is on the warpath against socialism. This time he has approached the question, not […]

33 years after Bhopal Gas disaster A Typical Example of the Treacherous Role of Foreign Capital in India

Bhopal gas disaster in the world’s worst industrial disaster, occurred on the intervening night of December 2-3, 1984 at the […]

Interview : ‘I Grew Up with Extraordinary People’ – Aleida Guevara March

Aleida Guevara March is the daughter of Che Guevara and Aleida March, She is a paediatrician,…As a member of Cuban […]