Labour File Archive

France : Nationwide Prolonged Strikes of Workers & Employees

A few months later, it was the status of the SNCF (French National Railway Company) and that of the railway […]

BSNL/MTNL : Retrenchment under the garb of VRS

As a part of privatizing the state-run BSNL and MTNL, the successive governments pushed them into losses by several means.[…]

New Industrial Relations Code-2019 Workers Turned to Modern Slaves

This new code has removed the ‘formality’ of even a consultation with the TU representative in case of industrial dispute […]

Code on Wages (Central) Rules-2019 Draft Rules that Failed the Workers

The proposed rules are neither based on any scientific method for fixing the ‘minimum wages’, nor based  on  the  present  […]

Social Security Code Bill Moots to Cut Short the Savings of Workers in EPFO

The government which has been sturdily withdrawing from its responsibility  of  providing a guaranteed social security to the workers as […]

Shall the workers have to Live at the Mercy of Rulers?

49,000 workers of TSRTC were forced to go on to strike from October 5th, as the management of TSRTC and […]

The Shame of Manual Scavenging Continues

..According to the census of 2011, there are 1,82,505 families that are engaged in the manual scavenging in rural India […]

Automobile Sector : Workers Bear the Brunt – Foreign Owners Milk the Concessions

..On the other hand, the auto corporations have ruthlessly transferred the burden of the slowdown of sales on to the […]

Emigration : Pushed by Shrinking Employment

The number of international migrants in the world had reached to 272 million in 2019 which is 51 million more […]

Growing Unemployment

The Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) data, made public on May 31, 2019 clearly showed that the employment situation is […]

Strike of General Motor Workers in USA

About 48,000 workers belonging to all the plants of General Motors (GM) including the workers throughout USA are striking indefinitely […]

30 Days Strike of Ordinance Factory Workers

Opposing this anti-national decision of privatising (corporatisation) of ordinance factories of our country 82,000 workers and employees of 41 ordinance […]