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Macron Launches New Round of Attacks on the Working Class of France

..Likewise, the government of Macron in France has launched a new round of attacks on its working class in the […]

Work Place Accidents

…In China Accidents occurred in two gold mines in the central Henan province….[…]

Agitations of Teachers

In Pakistan Karachi university teachers society members wore black armbands and put up banners …[..]

Agitations of Workers Around the World

In South Africa, electrical supply workers in the industrial region of Musunduzi in South Africa went in to an indefinite […]

Protests of the People Around the World

In Mexico protests and protest demonstrations were conducted throughout Mexico;…In India thousands of slum dwellers of Thane, staged a ‘rasta […]

Distress of Indian Workers Abroad : The Callous Apathy of Indian Government

..The incident of 39 Indian workers kept in Mone jail, whose existence or non-existence cannot be traced even after 3 […]

Yet Another Episode Exposing the Dark Side of FDI

General Motors India’s Halol manufacturing plant is the Gujarat’s oldest automobile plant set-up in 1999 spread over 175 acres with […]

Agitations of Workers Around the World

In Cambodia: More than 200 workers from Kbal koah garment factory and top world garment Cambodia factories demonstrate on national […]

Imperialist Glottalization and Labour Market Reform In India

Summary of the inaugural talk delivered in the convention of the AIFTU(New) at Vishakhapatanam on 11th-12th, April,2017.[….]

A Specimen of the Class Nature of Justice of Exploitating Classes

The Maruti management according to its class nature of exploitation, to impede and thwart the unity among workers, and to […]

Poverty and Intimidation at the Gateway to Madagascar

Madagascar is famous for its splendid nature and exotic animals. But this beauty hides a reality of severe, endemic poverty […]

Government and Employers Repress Striking Garment workers in Bangladesh

The ready-made garment companies that have been earning millions of dollars of profit; have been keeping their workers in worst […]