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Dushkal he aasmani nasoon, sultani aahe

Several districts across the country have already affected by drought. Country recieves thre-fourths of rainfall during the south-west mansoon[…]


According to the Companies Act 2013, certain class of companies need to spend at least 2% of the average net […]


Kashmir continues to bleed. On Dec’16, 2018, 7 persons died in a firing by the men of Rashtriya Rifles in […]

Beware! Our ’Democratic’ State Snoops Its Citizens!

On December 21, the cyber and information security division of the Ministry of Home affairs(MHA) had authorised 10 central agencies […]

Yet another Ghastly Killing of Hindutva Fascist Mobs

In the states of the B.J.P. rule these Hindutva fascist attacks, lynchings and killings have been increasing dangerously terrorising the […]

A Typical Example of the Loot of MNCs Practiced against Patients in India

The promoters of imperialist globalisation and its economic policies of liberalization have been consistently harping about the so-called virtues of […]

IL&FS Crisis of Lop – sided Development

he government of India took over the control of an Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), Infrastructure Leasing and Financial services (ILFS) […]

CBI Part of the Rotten System

When a girl student was raped and brutally murdered in a private hostel. The state police had thrown a youth […]

Tribal Undertrials

In the first quarter of the 19th century, the prison was a place for the detention of the undertrials. Unfortunately, […]

Army Personnel Attempts to Defeat Justice and Righteous Aspirations of Citizens

In 1980 the central govern-ment had imposed the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act.1958 (AFSPA) in Manipur in the name of […]

Hunger Deaths are the Stark Reality of the Modern India

Our India is supposed to be a modern country which attained its ‘independence’ from the British colonial rule of exploitation […]

Minimum Support Prices Betrayal of Farmers

The Central Government announced the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for major crops on July 4 and is claiming it to […]