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BJP Government Penalises People for Its Fault

On coming to power in the states and at the centre the B.J.P. has been aggressively pushing its Hindutva religious […]

Distress of people as a vote bank for rulers

As the general elections are fast approaching, the ruling parties of every hue are promising every conceivable thing including ‘heaven’ […]

Reservations for EWS: Myth called Creation of Job and Educational Opportunities

In the dying moments of winter session of the Parliament, the Narendra Modi government moved 124th constitutional amendment to reserve […]

Karl Marx’s grave vandalized

The tomb of Karl Marx at London’s Highgate cemetery has been vandalized in a targeted attack that means the Grade-1 […]

Stop Evicting Adivasis from thier habitat

The Supreme Court has ordered the forced eviction of more than one million Adivasi and other forest-dwelling households from forest […]

CRZ Rules – 2018: Favour to Capitalists at the Cost of Fishing Communities

Through these new rules, the No Development Zone (NDZ) along the tidal-influenced water bodies has been reduced from 100 meters […]

Colonial Era Sedition Act must be abolished at once!

Now time has come to every Indian to seriously think whether we are living really under democratic system of rule […]

Interim Budget-2019: Deceitful and Unrealistic Election Exercise

The Finance Minister presented a full-fledged budget and called it as interim budget. It has two features: one, the over […]

Dushkal he aasmani nasoon, sultani aahe

Several districts across the country have already affected by drought. Country recieves thre-fourths of rainfall during the south-west mansoon[…]


According to the Companies Act 2013, certain class of companies need to spend at least 2% of the average net […]


Kashmir continues to bleed. On Dec’16, 2018, 7 persons died in a firing by the men of Rashtriya Rifles in […]

Beware! Our ’Democratic’ State Snoops Its Citizens!

On December 21, the cyber and information security division of the Ministry of Home affairs(MHA) had authorised 10 central agencies […]