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German Elections to Bundestag : The Rise of Neo-Nazi AFD.

The German ruling class parties, that encouraged neo-fascist forces, are now utilising the rise of AFD.[..]

Puerto Rica : Shylocks of 21st Century

Reams of paper was consumed for the reportage of destruction caused by the Hurricane Maria in the Florida of Us. […]

Trump’s Afghan Policy In the Mire of War of Aggression

Sixteen years after their armed invasion of Afghanistan the US president Donald Trump raised a big question: why America has […]

US and South Asia Divide and Rule Game

Recently, the US leaders made some blunt comments of the Pakistan leaders,.The US imperialists are clear that the Pakistan rulers […]

G-20 Summit : Wrangling Over Spolls

..Despite patch up work and consensus exercises, the G-20 summit could not conceal crisis of capitalist system,..[..]

Violence at Charlottesville :Growing Fascist Tends in the US

The eruption of violence in Charlottesville, the state of Virginia, USA is yet another instance of growing fascist trends in […]

Doklam Stand Off : Misadventure Portends Danger of War

A state of military stand – off had emerged between India and China and Still continuing at the tri – […]

India’s Growing Bondage with Israel

So, Indian rulers’ strategic partnership with Israel rulers must be opposed by one all as it is wrought with dangerous […]

Party of Labour Of Iran (Toufan) Interview on Syria

The English Facebook page of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) has interviewed the comrade in charge of the […]

The Murder of Justine Damond and Police Violence in America

Last Saturday, Justine Damond, a 40-year-old yoga instructor and native of Australia, become the latest in the long line of […]

Germany : Expanding Tentacles to Asia

.It seems that Germany aims to intervene in the Us”s pivot to Asia policy….[..]

The Politics of Terrorism

A series of bloody terrorist attacks attributed to ISIS unfolded in Manchester; London and Tehran…”The Class Struggle” shares the agony […]