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Male People to Solve Problems with no Foreign Intervention

On Feb1st, 2018, the Maldives Supreme Court nullified the govt’s imprisonment of Male’s Vice President and the arrest warrant against […]

Holocaust – Some Facts

On Feb 1st, 2018, the Poland’s Senate has adopted a Holocaust law. It is a product as well as a […]

Europe Trampling the Rights of Working Class

In the later half of the 19th century and in 20th century, the working class of Europe by waging bitter […]

Pakistan must End Subservient Relationship with US

For some time, America is not happy with the Pakistan rulers. It can be seen in what US President Trump […]

Yemen Ravaged by war

The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) announced that the number of cholera cases in Yemen had reached one million. […]

Us-Get Out of Korean Peninsula

The US and other imperialist powers together with the media controlled by them are engaged in a well articulated campaign […]

Iran Mass Protests Rocked the Regime

Iran has been rocked by the mass protests. They spread to almost all cities and towns. Starting from December 28, […]

Imperialist Patriotism

Ever since the US imperialists had come to the fore as the leader of capitalist world in the post-Second World […]

Oppose Trump’s High Handed Solutions on Palestine

From the beginning, the US imperialists are pursuing a double faced policy towards the question of Palestine.[…]

Honduras Peoples Anger–Imperialist Manipulation

Tens of thousands of people defied the army takeover of the capital Tegucigalpa in a mass rally and march.[…]

Zimbabwe End of Chequered anti-Imperialist Era

Robert Mugabe stepped down as the president of Zimbabwe as the pressure mounted fro the Army and Parliament.[…]

“Quad” – In the Service of US Imperialism

Australia, Japan, India and US held a high level official meeting at Philippine capital Manila on 13-11-2017.[…]