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Peace in Korean Peninsula – Hurdles in the way

The North Korean President Kim Jong-un and the South Korean President Moon Jae-in met in an inter Korean Summit in […]

Condemn Israeli Massacre of Palestinian People

On May 15th 2018, the Israeli armed forces have butchered 60 Palestinian people and wounded more than 2,200 protesters. A […]

Condemn the US and other imperialists Threats to Subjugate Iran

The US President Donald Trump announced that US imperialism has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear accord is re-imposing crippling economic […]

Politics of Wuhan Summit

The Indian rulers are partners in the alliance of US – Japan and Australia headed by US imperialism. The US […]

Great March of Return by Palestinian People

Decades long struggle of Palestinian people for their Home Land continues. All these years, the imperialist powers, more particularly the […]

A New Campaign to reject the Austerity Policies of the Ruling Coalition

Throughout the month of December, during the debates on the new state budget, the Front’s parliamentary bloc was very enterprising, […]

Fraternity of Peoples is Bombed in Afrin, and Turkey is Dragged into the Quagmire of War!

As the Labour Party (EMEP), we call on the peoples of Turkey and workers of all nationalities to demand an […]

The Remedy for the Workers and the Working People is Unity and Organization!

Revolution is the midwife of every old society, which is pregnant with a new one. The grassroots movement in Iran […]

Male People to Solve Problems with no Foreign Intervention

On Feb1st, 2018, the Maldives Supreme Court nullified the govt’s imprisonment of Male’s Vice President and the arrest warrant against […]

Holocaust – Some Facts

On Feb 1st, 2018, the Poland’s Senate has adopted a Holocaust law. It is a product as well as a […]

Europe Trampling the Rights of Working Class

In the later half of the 19th century and in 20th century, the working class of Europe by waging bitter […]

Pakistan must End Subservient Relationship with US

For some time, America is not happy with the Pakistan rulers. It can be seen in what US President Trump […]