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Red Salute to Comrade Khudan Mallick

Comrade Khudan Mallick, member of Central Control Commission of CPI(ML) passed away on 29th November 2017 while undergoing treatment[…]

Red Salute to the Communist Revolutionary leader and A Great Agitator Comrade Kotaiah

Com. Kotaiah (Koppula Mohan Reddy), APSC Member of CPI (ML); the Member of Party’s Central Control Commission; the National Executive […]

…. And Lives Poet C.V.

Eminent Telugu writer and poet of the toiling masses Chittajallu Varahala Rao passed away on 8th November 2017 due to […]

Red Salutes to Com. T.L.Narayana Leader of OPDR

Honorable president of Organisation of Protection of Democratic Rights,T.L.Narayana died on 31-10-2017

Homage to Dr. Pusphpa M. Bhargava

we pay our homage to Dr. Pushpa M.Bhargava, a Democrat and a renowned scientist who opposed obscurantist ideas,[..]

Red Salute to Comrade Khokan Mazumdar

On may 29, 2017 the colourful life of Comrade Khokan Muzumdar, an organiser of Indian Revolution, one of the great […]

Homages to Com Shivasankar (Bihar), M.Venkata RAo (AP)

Comrade Shiv Shankar, State SEcratary of Bihar Unit of SUCI (Communist) passed away….. The veteran leader of railway men and […]

Red Salutes to Comrades Muthireddy Sriramulu (A.P) and O.P.Yadav (U.P)

The senior most member of the CPI (ML) Comrade Muthireddy Sriramulu passed away on 20,January 2017 … He was 95 […]

Red Salute to Comrade Bhimavarapu Guruvareddy

Comrade Bhimavarapu Guruva Reddy, Treasurer, Tarimela Nagireddy Memorial Trust, breathed his last on 3rd November,2016…[..]

Mahasweta Devi – Voice of the Oppressed

A litterateur with the zeal of an activist Mahasweta Devi used creative expression as a tool to fight for the […]

Red Salutes to Comrade Shiv Kumar Mishra

Comrade Shiv Kumar Mishra who died at the age of 76 in his native Ghaziabad in U.P recently, was a […]

Red Salute to Comrade Rayala Subash Chandra Bose,Homage to Prof. Randhir Singh,Red salutes to comrade Manda George

The Central committee of CPI (ML) expresses its sorrow on the sudden demise of Comrade RayalaSubash Chandra Bose, the Secretary […]