Obituary Archive

Rajinder Sachar

The passing away of Justice Rajinder Sachar on 29th April 2018 was deeply mourned by all those who stand up […]

Revolutionary Homage

Comrade Kasturi Kutumba Rao, Age 63 years. Comrade Pintu Biswas, Age 60 years. Comrade Venkata Kotaiah, Age 93 years.Comrade Yeddanapudi […]

In Memory of Com.Soni

Com. Soni (Yeddanapudi Someshwar Janakiram) took birth in a theist traditional family. He was attracted towards atheist ideas when he […]

Red Salute to Comrade Khudan Mallick

Comrade Khudan Mallick, member of Central Control Commission of CPI(ML) passed away on 29th November 2017 while undergoing treatment[…]

Red Salute to the Communist Revolutionary leader and A Great Agitator Comrade Kotaiah

Com. Kotaiah (Koppula Mohan Reddy), APSC Member of CPI (ML); the Member of Party’s Central Control Commission; the National Executive […]

…. And Lives Poet C.V.

Eminent Telugu writer and poet of the toiling masses Chittajallu Varahala Rao passed away on 8th November 2017 due to […]

Red Salutes to Com. T.L.Narayana Leader of OPDR

Honorable president of Organisation of Protection of Democratic Rights,T.L.Narayana died on 31-10-2017

Homage to Dr. Pusphpa M. Bhargava

we pay our homage to Dr. Pushpa M.Bhargava, a Democrat and a renowned scientist who opposed obscurantist ideas,[..]

Red Salute to Comrade Khokan Mazumdar

On may 29, 2017 the colourful life of Comrade Khokan Muzumdar, an organiser of Indian Revolution, one of the great […]

Homages to Com Shivasankar (Bihar), M.Venkata RAo (AP)

Comrade Shiv Shankar, State SEcratary of Bihar Unit of SUCI (Communist) passed away….. The veteran leader of railway men and […]

Red Salutes to Comrades Muthireddy Sriramulu (A.P) and O.P.Yadav (U.P)

The senior most member of the CPI (ML) Comrade Muthireddy Sriramulu passed away on 20,January 2017 … He was 95 […]

Red Salute to Comrade Bhimavarapu Guruvareddy

Comrade Bhimavarapu Guruva Reddy, Treasurer, Tarimela Nagireddy Memorial Trust, breathed his last on 3rd November,2016…[..]