Monthly Archive:: December 2019

Report from Odisha:Protest against Illegal Arrest of AIKMKS leader Com. Nirakar Nayak

On November 1st, 2019, the police illegally arrested Com.Nirakar Nayak, the President of Ganjam District Committee of AIKMKS […]

Russia : Communists Paid Tribute to the 102nd Anniversary of the October Revolution.

The 102nd anniversary of the great October  Socialist revolution was honoured by thosands of communists across Russia..[..] 

What Howdy, Modi Event For?

Narendra Modi’s ‘Howdy,Kodi’ event of September,22,2019 in Houston, US became a point of debate and controversy..[..]

Amazon is Burning

Called “the lungs of the Earth” the Amazon rainforest make roughly 20% of oxygen on earth. Now it is on […]

Tomorrow will Be Too Late – Fidel Castro

We are printing this warning delivered by Fidel Castro in a speech to the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio Di […]

Revolutionary Homage to Com Sundaram (TN) and com. Md Ghani (TN)

The Central Committee of the  C.P.I (M-L)  pay our revolutionary homage to comrades Sundaram and Md. Ghani..[..]

Indonesia : Students and Workers are Up in Arms

Student protests continued in Jakarta and other cities braving the police repression..[..]

Kenya : Woes of Tea Plantation Workers

Kenyan tea plantations are owned by British corporate giants, including Unilever and Finley…In 2017 when workers went on strike for […]

US War of Occupation Kills Iraqi Kids with Radioactivity

For the first time, independent researchers have found that the bodies of Iraqi children born with congenital disabilities…[..]

Puerto Rico : Struggle Against US Imperialism

In the middle of July this year the people of Puerto Rico mobilized en masse to demand of resignation of […]

The Shame of Manual Scavenging Continues

..According to the census of 2011, there are 1,82,505 families that are engaged in the manual scavenging in rural India […]

Automobile Sector : Workers Bear the Brunt – Foreign Owners Milk the Concessions

..On the other hand, the auto corporations have ruthlessly transferred the burden of the slowdown of sales on to the […]