Great Britain: Corona Virus Act 2020 – Sharpening the Fangs of Suppression

The Corona virus Act 2020 received royal assent on March 25 with the declared objective of “to make provision in […]

Express Solidarity with the struggle of Palestinian People!

Rejecting the overwhelming opposition from the international community, bolstered by  the lone US support, sending the 2334 UN Security Resolution […]

Heinous Attempt to Malign History

The Hindu communal fanatics are leaving no chance to rake up hatred against the Muslims. The sole aim of the […]

FTA with US will Destroy Indian Peasants

When we commented on the decision of Indian government to stay away from RCEP, we captioned it as “Exit RCEP-Entry […]

Empty Stomachs – Tall Claims

More than 90 per cent of the workforce belonged to the informal sector suddenly found themselves out of jobs and […]

Assam: Ordinance to Grab Land

The Assam government has announced a three-year license holiday for setting up MSME units on June 29, ostensibly to facilitate […]

Coal Auctions: National wealth to foreign sharks

During the pandemic lockdown, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has been showing never seen eagerness and working […]

Railways:Privatisation to the fore

The Vivek Debroy committee recommended that the way forward for the railways was “liberalization not privatisation”, in order to allow […]

Employment: GKRA – Yet Another Mirage

On June 20, Prime Minister Modi announced that Rs 50,000 crore would be spent for giving jobs to returnee migrants […]

Green Revolution:Distress of Peasantry

A study of Punjab’s small peasantry by Sukhpal Singh and Shruti Bhogal has stated, “Punjab’s farmers are reeling under debt. […]

Locust Swarm:Foot Print of Environment Degradation

To the uncontrolled spread of corona virus infection, super cyclonic devastation and heat waves in the country, the locusts added […]

Revolutionary Tributes to Comrade P.K.Murthy

We came to know of the demise of Com.P.K.Murthy at Puducherry in a hospital on March 22, 2020. Com. P.K.Murthy […]