Monthly Archive:: August 2015

Condemn Police Repression on Sipasarubali People in Odisha!

Comrade Viswam, Genaral Secretary of C.P.I (ML) condemns the govt’s move as anti-people, anti -environmental […]

Indian Revolution and Question of Stage of Revolution

India is a predominantly agrarian society with 68% of its population living in the villages. […]

Differences Concerning the Strategy of Indian Revolution

Eastblishing a classless,exploitation and oppression-free Communist society is the ultimate aim of all the Communists […]

Greece: Political Courage of the People Capitulation of the Ruling Elite

For the past few weeks the political life in Greece has been demonstrating..-heroic resistance and inglorious capitulation […]

The Farce of the 46 th Indian Labour Conference

..The same mockery in practiced against the working class of India,by the rulers and governments in the name of supposed […]

Protests of the People Around the World

In Ireland : On March 22, tousands of protesters had marched in to Dublin demanding[…]

Sipasarubali People Continue the Struggle in the Face of Police Repression

..a massive police repression against the people of Sipasarubali area in Puri District.It began on June 5th [….}