Monthly Archive:: August 2016

Let Us March Forward in the Revolutionary Path shown by Comrade Tarimela Nagi Reddy

By July 28, 2016 forty years have elapsed since the martyrdom of our beloved leader Comrade Tarimela Nagi Reddy.[..]

Brexit: Result of Inter Imperialist Contradictions

Britain voted to leave European Union (EU) in a referendum on 23 rd June 2016 by a narrow margin of […]

Escalating Tensions in South China Sea

The Class Struggle calls for bilateral settlement of all the disputes between the nations around South China Sea without the […]

Mexican Teachers Struggle for Democratic Education

On 19th June 2016, Mexican police fired automatic weapons into 500-strong group of teachers and their supporters blocking the highway […]

The Meaning of Chilcot Commission Report

The UK’s Iraq war enquiry commission, known as Chilcot Commission, has, at last, came out with its report on July […]

Corporatization of Technical Education in India

As a result of corporatization of Technical education as part of Higher Education, the poverty is increasing, no livelihood, and […]

Kairana Exodus: Another attempt to Polarise on Communal lines

The BJP raked up yet another issue of a mass exodus from Kairana, a small town in Shamli district in […]

Condemn Killing of People by Police in Odisha

The Class Struggle condemn the gunning down of five poor adivasi people, including a child of two years, and injuring […]

A Fraud on the Nation

The public sector banks are often under attack for mounting bad loans euphemistically called Non-Performing Assets (NPA’s). But the remarks […]

Protests of the People Around the World

In Spain: In the month of November (2015) more than 20,000 women belongingto 380 local women’s’ associations and 70 nationwide […]

Mahasweta Devi – Voice of the Oppressed

A litterateur with the zeal of an activist Mahasweta Devi used creative expression as a tool to fight for the […]

Let us move ahead on the Path Illuminated by Com.Tarimela Nagi Reddy

the district committees of Guntur and Krishna of CPI(ML) organised Com. TN’s 40th death anniversary meeting at Vijayawada on 28 […]