Monthly Archive:: May 2016

Call of 130th May Day : Fight to End the Rule by the Capital

In the light of historical necessity to take up such tasks, the workers of India shall not take the importance […]

May- Day Call : Working Class shall Fight against Imperialism ……

Under these gloomy conditions of human epoch; CLASS STRUGGLE calls on the workers, toiling masses and the oppressed people to […]

Reject Ruling Class Concept and Practice of Nationalism and National Interests

All attempts to make India a Hindu Rashtra are disastrous and divisive.This idea must be fought in every sphare-ideological,political ..thorughly […]

From Strategic Partnership to Logistic Exchange Surrender to US Hegemonic Designs

Washington and New Delhi have “agreed in Principle” on logistic exchange agreement under which US military will be able to […]

Panama Papers : The Real Ugly Face of Imperialism

The Panama Pepers stands as yet another instance which shows that corruption, parasitism and criminality are not aberations,but the real […]

Deteriotion of Indian Higher Education from public Good to for Profit Market Commodity – A Critical Evaluation

What is state of higher education in India in the present context of globalisation which is dectating and directing the […]

The Honda Motor Cycles Management Denies the Workers’ Right to form an Union with Repression and Victimisation

Forming an union at this Tapukara plant, is made impossible,as the management vehemently denies the workers’ lawful right to form […]

Silicosis – The Killer Occupational Disease of Workers

Silicosis prevalent and wide spread occupational disease killing many workers in the unouganized sector[…]

In the Present -Day Exploitative System Judiciary too Acts Rashly with Workers Denying them Justice

However in practice of all these 69 years of in our “independent”India, judiciary system too proving itself that its has […]

Corporate Social Responsibility towards Occupational Health Interests of Workers – A Myth

..However the fact remains that so-called corporate responsibility towards its workers or the c.s.r towards society is nothing but a […]

France: Seething with Protests of Workers and Youth

The waves of protests with the unity between workers and students and youth are shaking France […]

C.P.I (ML) Hails the Fighting Spirit of the Workers of the Garment Industry

The recent series of agitations being condusted by the workers of the garment industry- majority of whom are women workers[…]