Monthly Archive:: December 2018

Elections : Basic Issues Sidelined

As the people are going to polls in five states in a week, the election campaign reached to a feverish […]

Foil imperialist conspiracy

Seventy Leaders including Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met on November 11, 2018 in Paris to mark the Centenary of […]

Us-Pakistan Relations Blowing Hot and Cold

The US announced a so called new Afghan policy in August 2018. In September 2018, the US threatened to cancel […]

Kartarpur Corridor – A Welcome Move

True; Kartarpur Corridor project is aimed at removing the hurdles and pave the way for the Sikh pilgrims to visit […]

France Strikes and Demonstrations Shakes Macron Government

Widespread protests and marches across France rocked the Macron government during second half of November this year. On November 17, […]

The National Liberation Struggle and the Indian Armed Forces

The Indian liberation struggle can in no way be compared to the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia. Nevertheless, the […]

Japan Opens Its Doors to Foreign Workers

The industrially and highly technically developed capitalist Japan has been boasting that it can solve its problem of labour crunch […]

The Hindu Communal Forces on Rampage

With governmental rule in the center and some states being in the hands of B.J.P, the rampage of the Hindu […]

BJP Rule Reverses Education Process into Regression and Myth

We are in an epoch where A.I (artificial intelligence) technology is taking precedence over science and technology.[…]

Uttar Pradesh Attacks on Christian Minorities on the Rise

According to the documen-tation compiled and available with the RLC, there has been a sharp rise in incidence of violence […]

A Typical Example of the Loot of MNCs Practiced against Patients in India

The promoters of imperialist globalisation and its economic policies of liberalization have been consistently harping about the so-called virtues of […]

IL&FS Crisis of Lop – sided Development

he government of India took over the control of an Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), Infrastructure Leasing and Financial services (ILFS) […]