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Government is in Deep Economic Crisis – Who will Save the People ?

The central government is adamant in transfering the agricultural and industrial sectors to the corporate sector,

Our Rulers and Ruling Classes are Compromising the Sovereignty of our Country before the Might of FDI

It was 50 years back that Com. T. Nagi Reddy through his famous court statement titled ‘India Mortgaged

Automobile Sector Centred Indian Industrial Development for Whom?

The automobile sector centred industrial development in India and at the global level has emerged

Root Cause Behind Necrophilia at Dhalpur

Design of the Centre and State Governments in the Interest of Palm Oil Empire

Against Privatisation of Visakha Steel Plant

100% Disinvestment of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant is neither in the Interest of the Workers nor the Nation –

Communist Movement : Meerut Conspiracy Case (1929-1933)

Excerpts from the Joint General Statement of Communists Accused

Colonies and Semi-Colonies : The Immediate Tasks of the Communists: Difficulties in Colonial Countries

The building up and development of the Communist Parties in the colonies and semi-colonies,

Colonies and Semi-Colonies : The Indian Movement

In India the policy of British imperialism, which tried to retard the development of native industry,

Two Centenaries on both sides of the Himalayas – Farooque Chowdhury, Dhaka

Together the two, on both sides of the Himalayas, is a vast mass of land with almost half of the […]

Dangerous Death Traps of the Imperialists: The ‘AUKUS’ and ‘QUAD’

In spite of receiving deathblows from several countries of the world,

Government-Corporate Nexus in Paddy Procurement in Punjab and Haryana

In Punjab and Haryana paddy procurement by central agencies like FCI starts from 1st October, every..

Review of Mulk Raj Anand’s Novel : Untouchable -Veeru

Untouchable’ was the first novel that had presented the sufferings