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A Mirage of Social Justice and Empowerment of Tribals

The election of President of India is scheduled to be conducted…

Revolutionary Tributes to Comrade D.V.Krishna

CPI (ML) Praja Pandha Telangana State Secretary, senior revoluti…

The US Imperialists were Dictating Terms for a New World Order – Dhruva

This is how we put the words of Marx in to practice:….

Agnipath: A Scheme for Providing Extrajudicial ‘Human Resources’ to Corporates & Private Military Companies

It has been a long time since the process of privatisation began in the management of India’s…..

Jo Zameen Sarkari Hai ! O Zameen Hamari Hai!

Call of AIKMKS Rohatas District, Bihar

Socio-Economic and Political Analysis of India’s Semi-Colonial & Semi-Feudal State Character

This Document was written by a Comrade of CPI(ML) all….

Bangladesh’s Economic Crisis – World Bank’s ‘Greener Economy’ – Solution to South Asian Countries

There have been reports of growing cr….

The 14th BRICS Summit and its Objectives

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, known as BRICS – are holding their 14th annual….

NATO Summit 2022

The NATO summit 2022 was held in Madrid, Spain, on 28–30 ….

48th G7 Summit

G7 Launches $600bn Infrastructure Plan to Counter China…

To Move The People Into Revolutionary Action is ‘Our Task’

Meanwhile, I would like to inform the house also as I leave….


Shadowy threshold…