Monthly Archive:: January 2018

Red Salute to Comrade Khudan Mallick

Comrade Khudan Mallick, member of Central Control Commission of CPI(ML) passed away on 29th November 2017 while undergoing treatment[…]

Red Salute to the Communist Revolutionary leader and A Great Agitator Comrade Kotaiah

Com. Kotaiah (Koppula Mohan Reddy), APSC Member of CPI (ML); the Member of Party’s Central Control Commission; the National Executive […]

The Loot of Peasantry

The All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee made a study on the minimum support prices of various crops and concluded […]

Imperialist Patriotism

Ever since the US imperialists had come to the fore as the leader of capitalist world in the post-Second World […]

Oppose Trump’s High Handed Solutions on Palestine

From the beginning, the US imperialists are pursuing a double faced policy towards the question of Palestine.[…]

Honduras Peoples Anger–Imperialist Manipulation

Tens of thousands of people defied the army takeover of the capital Tegucigalpa in a mass rally and march.[…]

Zimbabwe End of Chequered anti-Imperialist Era

Robert Mugabe stepped down as the president of Zimbabwe as the pressure mounted fro the Army and Parliament.[…]

“Quad” – In the Service of US Imperialism

Australia, Japan, India and US held a high level official meeting at Philippine capital Manila on 13-11-2017.[…]

33 years after Bhopal Gas disaster A Typical Example of the Treacherous Role of Foreign Capital in India

Bhopal gas disaster in the world’s worst industrial disaster, occurred on the intervening night of December 2-3, 1984 at the […]

Assam Peoples Struggle against Forcible Evictions and for Radical Land reforms

Eversince BJP came to power in Assam in May 2016 it is using repression as well as communal division as […]

Unchahar Blast Perilous working conditions

In yet another gory “accident”, 32 workers died and 100 workers injured in Unchahar thermal power plant at Raibareli, UP, […]

Providing A Legal Shield to Corruption

While corruption is @ 40% in Pakistan, it is 69% in India, according to the survey of T.I which survey […]