Monthly Archive:: April 2016

Budget 2016: Symbolic Gestures

Forcing the peasants to leave their lands is a deliberate strategy of the Indian ruling classes. No matter who is […]

Politics of Domination: Growing Tensions in Asia-pacific Region

Tensions and sharp exchanges are growing between China and US in recent times on the questions concerning the Indian Ocean […]

Where West Asian Policy of India is heading to ?

While maintaining relations with all countries of West Asia, the Indian rulers are focussing their special attention on developing the […]

Condemn Terrorist Bombings in Brussels

The Class Struggle strongly condemns the bombings that took place on March 22 in Brussels, capital of Belgium[…]

We Will Not Be a Party to This Crime! By Academics for Peace, Turkey

As academics and researchers of this country, we will not be a party to this crime! ..[..]

Unending Woes Workers Trained Trade-Apprentices Denied Employment :

Even the governmental organi-sations (industries) which are supported to be the ‘model employers’ are blatantly a denying the rights of […]

Lively-hood of Beedi workers in A.P &Telangana states rushed in to doldrums

Presently, with the recent central governments order vide its G.O.No.727, deciding that manufacturers should enlarge the size of skull and […]

Cabinet Approves the Closure of H.M.T.Units

The union cabinet approved the closure of iconic HMT watches, H.M.T Chinar watches and HMT bearings rendering a thousand workers […]

Industrial crises looms in jute and ferrro industries in North A.P. and Telangana:

In Telangana state all the 10 Ferro alloys industries are shut-down leaving around 5,000 workers jobless. More and more managements […]

Workers in M.P. mills waiting for 25 years for wages without any hope:

The law and the judicial system of India that protects the individual property as sacred, willfully refuses to recognise the […]

Work-Place Accidents Around the World

Pakistan:On 4th Nov 2015, at Lahore of Pakistan when a wall under construction for a factory collapsed 16 workers were […]


The ruling party-BJP-and its government have been systemati-cally threatening the entire-populace in to accepting the view of the communal forces […]