Monthly Archive:: December 2019

Visit of European MPs to Kashmir : A Farcical and Futile Propaganda Stuff

…So, the European MPs must question themselves why they allowed the Indian rulers to tie their hands and foot and […]

Call of the C.P.I.(ML) to the People “Don’t fall Prey to the communal games being played by the ruling classes!”

…Various statements issued after the Supreme court verdict (Babri Masjid) by the BJP, RSS and congress leaders make it clear […]

Extend Support and Solidarity to the Just Struggle of JNU Students!

The struggle of JNU students is just and democratic…We hope and wish this protest will overcome all the difficulties,… and […]

Give Citizenship to those left out of NRC List!

The Central Committee of C.P.I (M-L) calls: all the democratic forces should demand the government to abandon a country-wide NBC-CAB […]

Million March of Chilean People

On October 25th, 2019, Santiago city – the capital of Chile, a Latin American Country, has transformed itself into a […]

Death of ISIS Leader Baghdadi

Osama bin Laden -Al-Qaeda leader, a creation of imperialists had to die in the end because the imperialists had lost […]

The Berlin Wall : Exposing the Lies of Imperialism – Nikos Mottas

 For more than 29 years, within the framework of the anti-communist propaganda, the bourgeois historiography and media have been engaged […]

Students Solidarity March in Pakistan

This year, the students held a massive nationwide solidarity march in protest against the cuts in the Budget for education […]

Popular Protests in Iraq

On October 24, thousands of Iraqis, mostly young men and women, took to the streets in Baghdad and other cities […]

Israeli Communist Party: The Settlements is a War Crime Endorsed by the U.S

The Israeli Communist Party and the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (Al-Jabha/Hadash) condemn US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s […]

Book Review:This land is Our Land!

In the USA, a country built by immigrants, the immigration controls are becoming tighter. Immigration both legal and illegal is […]

Shall the workers have to Live at the Mercy of Rulers?

49,000 workers of TSRTC were forced to go on to strike from October 5th, as the management of TSRTC and […]