Communalism Archive

Heinous Attempt to Malign History

The Hindu communal fanatics are leaving no chance to rake up hatred against the Muslims. The sole aim of the […]

Communalism :Absurdity as a tool to rake up hatred

Many an intellectuals, artists and writers are agitated about the IIT, Kanpur’s decision to form a panel to examine whether […]

The Hindu Communal Forces on Rampage

With governmental rule in the center and some states being in the hands of B.J.P, the rampage of the Hindu […]

BJP Rule Reverses Education Process into Regression and Myth

We are in an epoch where A.I (artificial intelligence) technology is taking precedence over science and technology.[…]

Uttar Pradesh Attacks on Christian Minorities on the Rise

According to the documen-tation compiled and available with the RLC, there has been a sharp rise in incidence of violence […]

Hindu Communal Forces Rakes up Controversy in AMU

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) became a target for the Hindu communal forces. The hooligans of Hindu Yuva Vahini and ABVP […]

Judicial System Manipulated and Justice reduced to a Farce by Ruling Classes

It is apparent from various court verdicts recently delivered in various cases against the “saffron terror” viz the terror of […]

Fact Finding Team Report Reveals the True face of Communal Forces

The communal violence in Bihar that began from March 25 and continued till March 30 engulfed nine of the 38 […]

Kairana Exodus: Another attempt to Polarise on Communal lines

The BJP raked up yet another issue of a mass exodus from Kairana, a small town in Shamli district in […]

Communal Violence in 2015 – Rise in Hatred and Polarization

Communal violence, polarization of communities and the institutionalization of hatred it results in; have emerged as most the prominent threats […]

Rising Communal Fascism

..a Hindu Priest of a temple made a loud announcement that the remains of slaughtered cow were found near Akhalaq’s […]