Monthly Archive:: October 2017

The Fallacy of Demonetisation

Eight months after demonetisation, the RBI released its Annual Report 2016-17 which showed that 98.96% of RS 500,1000 denomination notes […]

National and International Situation and Our Tasks

Political resolution adopted by the Central Committee, CPI (ML)[….]

Trump’s Afghan Policy In the Mire of War of Aggression

Sixteen years after their armed invasion of Afghanistan the US president Donald Trump raised a big question: why America has […]

US and South Asia Divide and Rule Game

Recently, the US leaders made some blunt comments of the Pakistan leaders,.The US imperialists are clear that the Pakistan rulers […]

Interview : ‘I Grew Up with Extraordinary People’ – Aleida Guevara March

Aleida Guevara March is the daughter of Che Guevara and Aleida March, She is a paediatrician,…As a member of Cuban […]

Triple TAlaq : A Small Victory for Muslim Women

The fight against oppressive customs and practices that prevail in the Muslim community cannot be fought by the Muslim women […]

Skill India Mission : Designed to be a Failure

Narendra Modi announced sill development programme named as Pradhan Manthry Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)…The real purpose of these educational reforms […]

RCEP : Cat is Out of the Bag

At last the Indian government broke the silence and lifted the curtain of secrecy shielding the talks on Regional Comprehensive […]

The Drain Called Royalties

A study by proxy firm, Institutional Investors Advisory Services, showed that 32 MNCs in the BSE-500 index paid royalty of […]

“Exploitation of Minerals”

The mining industry feels ..and demand full discretion over the mines and their output, including exports..if the private capitalist’s demands […]

Protests of the People Around the World

In Mexico protests and protest demonstrations were conducted throughout Mexico;…In India thousands of slum dwellers of Thane, staged a ‘rasta […]

Condemn the Murder of Gouri Lankesh; Stop persecution of Rohingya People;Take Immediate and Permanent Flood and Drought Relief Measures!!!

The Central Committee of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) strongly condemns.[..]