Monthly Archive:: June 2018

The Bogus of Democracy

The Congress and JDS combine, has emerged victorious in this game. It has hailed it as a great victory for […]

Emancipation of Women – Perspective of CPI(ML)

The Women who have been creating all the wealth, and playing an important role in reproduction are devoid of any […]

A Liberal Professor On Equality – Lenin

Liberal Professor Mr. Tugan – Baranovsky is on the warpath against socialism. This time he has approached the question, not […]

Peace in Korean Peninsula – Hurdles in the way

The North Korean President Kim Jong-un and the South Korean President Moon Jae-in met in an inter Korean Summit in […]

Condemn Israeli Massacre of Palestinian People

On May 15th 2018, the Israeli armed forces have butchered 60 Palestinian people and wounded more than 2,200 protesters. A […]

Condemn the US and other imperialists Threats to Subjugate Iran

The US President Donald Trump announced that US imperialism has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear accord is re-imposing crippling economic […]

Rajinder Sachar

The passing away of Justice Rajinder Sachar on 29th April 2018 was deeply mourned by all those who stand up […]

Politics of Wuhan Summit

The Indian rulers are partners in the alliance of US – Japan and Australia headed by US imperialism. The US […]

Pathetic Conditions of Workers in India

India is supposed to be under rule of democratic system run by the majority of people.[…]

Hindu Communal Forces Rakes up Controversy in AMU

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) became a target for the Hindu communal forces. The hooligans of Hindu Yuva Vahini and ABVP […]

Judicial System Manipulated and Justice reduced to a Farce by Ruling Classes

It is apparent from various court verdicts recently delivered in various cases against the “saffron terror” viz the terror of […]

Science in the Service of Capital

In capitalist society, said Karl Marx, science becomes “a productive force distinct from labour and pressed into the service of […]