Monthly Archive:: May 2018

Condemn US Imperialist Missile Attack on Syria

The CPI (ML) strongly condemns the missile attack on Syria launched by the US, British and French imperialists as an […]

May Day 2018

On May Day, the international day of working class solidarity, we convey our revolutionary greetings to the workers in struggle […]

Youth and Students should Unite under the Political Banner of the Working Class

India is a semi-feudal, semi-colonial state. What is the principal contradiction in this state? It is the contradiction between the […]

Great March of Return by Palestinian People

Decades long struggle of Palestinian people for their Home Land continues. All these years, the imperialist powers, more particularly the […]

A New Campaign to reject the Austerity Policies of the Ruling Coalition

Throughout the month of December, during the debates on the new state budget, the Front’s parliamentary bloc was very enterprising, […]

Fraternity of Peoples is Bombed in Afrin, and Turkey is Dragged into the Quagmire of War!

As the Labour Party (EMEP), we call on the peoples of Turkey and workers of all nationalities to demand an […]

The Remedy for the Workers and the Working People is Unity and Organization!

Revolution is the midwife of every old society, which is pregnant with a new one. The grassroots movement in Iran […]

Fact Finding Team Report Reveals the True face of Communal Forces

The communal violence in Bihar that began from March 25 and continued till March 30 engulfed nine of the 38 […]

Onslaught on the Rights of Dalit and Other Oppressed People

The March 20th, 2018 Judgment of the Supreme Court Bench of Justice A. K. Goel and U.U. Lalit in a […]

Real Problems must be addressed to bring Peace in Kashmir

Kashmir continues to be on fire. There is an ‘elected‘ government here. But the Central armed forces, protected by special […]

Forest Policy – 2018 Grabbing Forest Lands for Private Capital

When the government announces a new policy one would expect a revision on the basis of failures of old policy […]

National Health Policy – Promoting Profit Driven Private Sector

The danger of moving towards insurance based health services neglecting the public primary services is already evident. The government spending […]