Monthly Archive:: October 2015

Lessons from Indonesia should not be Forgotten

The military coup in Indonesia was the outcome of the drive by US imperialism to gain upper hand in South […]

Syrian crisis and intensifying contradictions among the imperialist powers

Now the conflict of interests between the US and Russia can more glaringly be seen in Syria.[…]

It’s Crisis for Refugees and not for Europe

Europe is experiencing significant influx of refugees as a backlash of the war crimes it committed […]

Nurturing Intolerance to Perpetuate Communal Polarisation

Both the BJP in the government and RSS &Co on the street are openly and stealthily resorting to polarize the […]

Forcing the Peasants out of Their Lands

the legislative changes have already led to the transfer of at least 43.5million hectares of farmland in Asia from peasants […]

“Islamic Terrorism” is a Myth- Ludwig Watzal Interviews Elias Davidsson

Elias Davidsson: “My designation of “Islamic Terrorism” as a myth represents the conclusion of more than 14 years research into […]

Take Immediate Drought-relief Measures Demands RCS (AP)

The state executive of Rythu Coolie Sangham (AP) met in the last week of September and demanded the government that- […]

“Punish the Culprits of Dadri Killing”- Report from Delhi

Demanding Government action regarding the Dadri killing and communal violence.[…]

“Made in India” Not “Make in India”

It only leads to surrender of our manufacturing capabilities to foreign capital, wastes out natural resources and increases import dependence […]

Where Has Gone all the Money ?

The corruption at high places is eating away the vitals of our economy […]

Dairy Sector : Development for Whom ?

Now the situation is going to be worsened with entry of foreign ca[pital into the dairy setctor.[…]

Agitations of Mine Workers

70 workers at a mine at curanilahue in Chile decended 2,000 feet in to the mine on Aug.11 [..]