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23rd Congress of CPI(M) in Kannanur, Kerala

t is only a Ritual of the Party, its Leadership and the Cadre have not Sincerely and Honestly Reviewed the […]

An Open Call to Communist Revolutionaries

The fundamental premise for unity of communist….

A Leninist Approach to the Inter-Imperialist Clash in Ukraine – Nikos Mottas

The working class”, V.I Lenin was stressing out….  

Deepening Crisis of Chinese Economy – Arjun Prasad Singh

China, the biggest industrial and trading country

Two Centenaries on both sides of the Himalayas – Farooque Chowdhury, Dhaka

Together the two, on both sides of the Himalayas, is a vast mass of land with almost half of the […]

The Price of Petroleum.

This article was written by SAROJ BHATTACHARYA according to then party line. Published in ‘New Age’, November-1956. We reproduce it […]

Saffron Attack on Lakshadweep – Administrator Praful Patel Should be Removed

Lakshadweep Administrator Praful Patel’s undemocratic and anti-people decisions have

Growing Health Inequalities Trends of Privatising Health Services in Andhrapradesh

The economic reforms in the post-1990s significantly resulted in heightened inequality among different classes, castes and genders. Two recent reports […]

Corporatization of Technical Education in India

As a result of corporatization of Technical education as part of Higher Education, the poverty is increasing, no livelihood, and […]

Deteriotion of Indian Higher Education from public Good to for Profit Market Commodity – A Critical Evaluation

What is state of higher education in India in the present context of globalisation which is dectating and directing the […]

General Budget 2015-16 as a Reflection of the Direction and the Pace of India’s Economic Policy

Any budget in any country will not indicate merely a ‘statement of account of public finances’ rather it indicates the […]