Monthly Archive:: September 2015

Again at the Game of Divide and Rule

The ruling classes and their political representatives are again playing game of divide and rule. They have learnt this nefarious […]

Defeat BJP led NDA Alliance! Reject the Grand Alliance of JD (U), RJD & Congress! Vote for the Communist Revolutionaries, Left, Democratic & Patriotic forces!

Bhartiya Janata Party, under the guidance of its mentor organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, is spreading, as well as helping other […]

Communist Manifesto Written by Marx and Engels its relevancy in the present age- Parimal Das Gupta

The subject of Relevancy of Communist Manifesto, written by Marx and Engels in 1847, in the present age has become […]

On the eve of 70th Anniversary of Victory over Fascism Carry struggle thorough to the end against Imperialism and Hegemonism

May 9, 1945 is a historic day when the socialist, democratic,national and peace loving forces of the world had won […]

The September.2. General Strike and the Immediate Necessity for Reorienting the Workers’ Movement on Working Class Lines!

To the one day token protest strike call given by the conventionof the central trade unions and industrial federations […]

Unending Woes of the Workers: The Future of the G.M Halol plant Workers is Doomed

The car manufacturing plant of General Motors is operating in India from 1996, at Halol of Gujarat.[..]

Rulers Invoke ‘Sedition’ to Stifle Difference of Opinion Against the System

The British colonial rulers who intended to stabilize their rule in India and to suppress the people’s movements.. divised the […]

Yet again the Communal Bigots have Brutally Murdered Eminent Rationalist-Writer M.M.Kulburgi

Erudite scholar and rationalist and a six time Sahitya academy w i n n e r M.M.Kulburgi is murdered in […]

The Army Verdict Supports the Demand for Revocation of AFSPA as Justified

For the past many years the people of north eastren …states have been demanding to repeal AFSPA […]

report kashmir : people Demand Relief and Rehabilitation for flood victims

on 6 th septembar,several organisations have joined in a state wide protest […]

Report from Tamilnadu : Book Release Meeting of ” Adagu Vyakkapattu India”

The Tarimela Naagireddy Memorial Trust published the tamil translation of com T.N book “India Mortgaged” and released on 7th september […]

Need for struggle for Freedom

As we approach the 69 th Independence Day, the happenings in the monsoon session of the Parlament had saddened many […]