Monthly Archive:: September 2017

We Can Rekindle the Vanishing Dreams

As we enter in 71 st year of transfer of power, many questions stare at us demanding answers,.[…]

G-20 Summit : Wrangling Over Spolls

..Despite patch up work and consensus exercises, the G-20 summit could not conceal crisis of capitalist system,..[..]

Violence at Charlottesville :Growing Fascist Tends in the US

The eruption of violence in Charlottesville, the state of Virginia, USA is yet another instance of growing fascist trends in […]

Doklam Stand Off : Misadventure Portends Danger of War

A state of military stand – off had emerged between India and China and Still continuing at the tri – […]

Big Bourgeoisie : Then and Now

over the past 70 years, the character of the Indian big bourgeoisie has not changed basically…[..]

India’s Growing Bondage with Israel

So, Indian rulers’ strategic partnership with Israel rulers must be opposed by one all as it is wrought with dangerous […]

Gorkhaland – Why ?

Of late not only West Bengal but also whole of India is being shaken by the movement for a separate […]

Condemn the Arrest of Murugan

According to the report released by the Team of Lawyers constituted by Indian Association of Peoples Lawyers (IAPL) Ayyanan Murugan, […]

RECP : What it Means to the Indian People?

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), if adopted will cover half of the world’s population,[..]

The Threatening Spectre of Unemployment

..Whatever may be the claims of economic growth achieved during this period, the fact remains that the spectre of unemployment […]

Chaild Deaths at Gorakhpur : Pathetic conditions of Health and Medical Services

The death of more than 70 children, who are undergoing treatment for Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES)…[…]

Distress of Indian Workers Abroad : The Callous Apathy of Indian Government

..The incident of 39 Indian workers kept in Mone jail, whose existence or non-existence cannot be traced even after 3 […]