Monthly Archive:: February 2017

A Republic that Betrayed the People

Until and unless the predominance of feudal relations and hegemony of imperialism are wiped out, the Indian people cannot have […]

Poem : All I Ask

this poem was written by Padwa Touqan -10 year old Palestinian girl.[…]

Struggle between Two Lines “RED FLAG” Article on Criticism of Confucius

..the historical experience of the Chinese Communist Party’s struggle against opportunist lines in connection with the criticism of Confucius, basing […]

Task of Peasantry in Odisha to Combat the Imperialist Onslaught on the Agrarian Economy

Agriculture is the main stay of the people of Odisha and the major source of income of the state. 85 […]

Ceasefire in Syria : Respite for the People Amidst Wrangling Imperialist Powers

The New Year 2017 begins with a ceasefire in Syria, brokered by Russia, Iran and Turkey, raising hope for the […]

Imperialists Unite to Commit New Crimes

In 75 years after 1941, the world had seen many twists and turns. One peculiar fact we are witnessing today […]

Bhopal Gas Victims : Whose Children are These Any Way

Presently there are 5.5 lakhs of survivors of Bhopal gas disaster struggling with disability and in the search for justice.[..]

The Meaning of Mergers and Acqusitions

The Year 2016 saw a spate of mergers and acquisitions that had far reaching effects on India. [..]

Higher Education : Low Quality Yet Unavailable and Unaffordable

that as many as 44.8 million – that is 15.6 per cent male and 9.5 per cent female – undergraduate […]

Indian Railways : Avoidable Tragedies

The railways has recorded on average of 50 derailments a year and peaked to 68 in the last year.[…]

Child Labour Rampant in Illegal Mica Mines of Jharkand

..the children are used to send underground for mica mining. These underground mines are risky, some are no bigger than […]

Protests of the People Around the World

IN FRANCE: Opposing the enhancement of working hours from 35 w.hrs to 45 w.hrs or to 60 working hours in […]