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Punjab farmers face jail as banks file criminal cases

The Indian  Express reports that “scores of Punjab farmers … have been convicted or are facing trial in criminal cases […]

A Fraud on the Nation

The public sector banks are often under attack for mounting bad loans euphemistically called Non-Performing Assets (NPA’s). But the remarks […]

The Great Indain Gas Robbery

We are publishing here excerpts from an article appeared on the pages of EPW, December 5 issue. This articles shows […]

“Islamic Terrorism” is a Myth- Ludwig Watzal Interviews Elias Davidsson

Elias Davidsson: “My designation of “Islamic Terrorism” as a myth represents the conclusion of more than 14 years research into […]

Who Really Owns NDTV

Mukesh Ambani group entity took control of NDTV in 2009, under the guise of a loan agreement [..]

The Slaughter of Suicide Data

Mr.P.Sainath writes…The total number of farmer suicides in the country since 1995 crossed the 3,00,000 mark in 2014 [….]