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In the bail order for Natasha, Devangana and Asif Iqbal Tanha, the Delhi HC uses very clear language

Punjab farmers face jail as banks file criminal cases

The Indian  Express reports that “scores of Punjab farmers … have been convicted or are facing trial in criminal cases […]

A Fraud on the Nation

The public sector banks are often under attack for mounting bad loans euphemistically called Non-Performing Assets (NPA’s). But the remarks […]

The Great Indain Gas Robbery

We are publishing here excerpts from an article appeared on the pages of EPW, December 5 issue. This articles shows […]

“Islamic Terrorism” is a Myth- Ludwig Watzal Interviews Elias Davidsson

Elias Davidsson: “My designation of “Islamic Terrorism” as a myth represents the conclusion of more than 14 years research into […]

Who Really Owns NDTV

Mukesh Ambani group entity took control of NDTV in 2009, under the guise of a loan agreement [..]

The Slaughter of Suicide Data

Mr.P.Sainath writes…The total number of farmer suicides in the country since 1995 crossed the 3,00,000 mark in 2014 [….]