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India’s Economy in the Light of Covid

We are reproducing here the concluding part of an article published by the RUPE. The full article can be had […]

The Path Which Led Me To Leninism – Ho Chi Minh

..And a comrade gave me Lenin’s “Thesis on the national and colonial questions” …finally I could grasp the main part […]

Late Imperialism-II

By John Bellamy Foster..continued from the last issue..[..]

Late Imperialism – By John Ballamy Foster

The article reproduced here is from the MONTHLY REVIEW, July – August, 2019 issue. It critically analyses and rejects various […]

Communist Platform – for the Communist Party of the Proletariat of Italy The Rise of Bourgeois Nationalism and the Tasks of the Revolutionary Proletariat

The venom of bourgeois nationalism is again poisoning the international political atmosphere.[…]

An Appeal to the Representatives of People

On the danger of eviction of Adivasis in the context of directive from Supreme Court In Andhra Pradesh, from Srisailam […]

DDenmark Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark – APK The Working Class and Labour Aristocracy in Denmark Today- By Dorte Grena

Reformists and revisionists agree with the bourgeoisie and well-paid bourgeois scientists that the working class is heading for extinction, and […]

The National Liberation Struggle and the Indian Armed Forces

The Indian liberation struggle can in no way be compared to the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia. Nevertheless, the […]

On the History of the Communist League

In this article Engels showed the role played by the working class struggles as a prelude tot eh formation of […]

Land Acquisition Law Dilution through Bypass Tactics

The Narendra Modi govern-ment amended the Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation Act 2013 to make it easier for the government and […]

Important Questions Arising During The Agrarian Reform In China

We are reproducing here a report made in January 1948 to the Enlarged Session of the North West Peoples Liberation […]

Challenges Faced by the Forces Struggling to Change the Present System in India

The Central Committee of CPI (ML) organized a seminar at Hyderabad on 9 and 10th September 2018. It invited many […]