Monthly Archive:: June 2017

Red Salute to Comrade Khokan Mazumdar

On may 29, 2017 the colourful life of Comrade Khokan Muzumdar, an organiser of Indian Revolution, one of the great […]

Hail and Commemorate the Centenary of Great October Socialist Revolution!

November 7,2017 marks the completion of 100 years of the victorious Great Socialist Revolution in Russia…[…]

Germany : Expanding Tentacles to Asia

.It seems that Germany aims to intervene in the Us”s pivot to Asia policy….[..]

The Politics of Terrorism

A series of bloody terrorist attacks attributed to ISIS unfolded in Manchester; London and Tehran…”The Class Struggle” shares the agony […]

Climate Change : Paris Agreement in the Dustbin

The announcement of the US president Donald Trump to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement shocked many.But, for those who […]

IT Sector : More Crises in the Offing

India’s $ 159 billion Information Technology (IT) which earned $88 billion …now faces a crisis …[…]

Peasant Agitations : Empty Promises and Iron Hand

Once again peasants took the path of struggle. Again they demanded a better price for their crops.The govt responded with […]

The ‘Holy Cow’ Politics of Communal Forces

.Unless and until the stigmatisation and stereotyping of minority communities is resisted,communalised national chauvinism perpetuates the violence on minorities.[..]

Defence Production : Assembly Lines for Foreign Companies

Defence production, reserved for the Public sector, was opened up for the entry of foreign investment. […]

The Impact of GST

When Goods and Services Tax bill was proposed, we commented that it was designed to benefit the big bourgeoisie and […]

Let Us Rededicate Ourselves to the Practice of Com. Tarimela Nagireddy.

On Feb, 11, 2017 on the concluding day of birth centenary of Com. Tarimela Nagireddy the AP State Committee of […]

Emulate Comrade T.N’s Ideas and Practice

On Feb, 11, 2017 the Tarimela Nagi Reddy Memorial Trust and Tarimela Nagireddy Memorial Committee have jointly organized a massive […]