Monthly Archive:: July 2018

We will always Remember and Emulate – Com. Kovai Eswaran, Com. Khokan Mazumdar

One year has passed since our veteran leader Com Kovai Eswaran left us on July First due to ill health. […]

Foreword to Tamil Version of “India Mortgaged” – Kovai Eswaran

Now it is being published in Tamil, which meets the long awaited expectation of the activists who work for social […]

Engels on Marx’s Capital

As long as there have been capitalists and workers on earth, no book has appeared which is of as much […]

Global Military Spending Wasteful Expenditure

Global military spending reached a record of $1.7 trillion in 2017, an increase of 1.1 per cent than the previous […]

North Korea -US Summit is Welcome – Many Pitfalls Ahead

Passing through a bumpy and uncertain road with all signs of possible collapse the US President Donald Trump and North […]

Persecution of Immigrants – Monopoly Capital’s Policy

The US imperialism boasts of American democracy and poses itself as the champion of human rights. Yet a spate of […]

Kashmir – Fulfil the Aspirations of People

The PDP – BJP Govt. fell like a pack of cards with the withdrawal of BJP from the coalition. Governor’s […]

The Crisis of Banking System

The scandal involving the Punjab National Bank, numerous other Indian banks and diamond merchant Nirav Modi has once again brought […]

Farm Loan Waiver – Promises vs. Performances

Both the BJP and Congress announced loan waivers for farmers as the elections approached in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. […]

The Farce of Creation and Alleviation of Unemployment

It has been amply established that the new-liberal economic policies imposed by the imperialist globalization has utterly failed in delivering […]

Farmer’s Woes -Empty Promises – Elusive Slogans

The NDA government headed by Narendra Modi has been parroting that it is taking all measures to double the income […]

Railway Recruitment to Push Privatisation

The Railway Minister announced that his department will recruit to fill 90,000 vacant posts this year. The last recruitment came […]