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Raise Voice against Jahangirpur Demolition

The Modi-Shah clique…

No one has Right to Play War Game with the Lives of People

By the overambitious and adventurous move to arrange for admission of Ukraine to the NATO as….

No One Justify the War ! The War of Hegemonist Powers !!

The anti-imperialist, anti-fascist forces…

No to the Imperialist War in Ukraine!

Joint Statement of Communist and Workers’ Parties

The Draconian AFSPA must be Repealed!!

The ghastly and brutal killing of..

State Seminar in AP on “Anti People Black Laws -the Crisis of Lives of Peasants Dalits and the Rural Poor” : Successfully held and Paid Revolutionary Tributes to Com Kotayya

This December 1st, is the 4th death anniversary of our departed veteran leader,

To Raise the Voice against the Brutal Killing of Lakhimpur Peasants

In a very shocking and heinous incident, five farmers were murdered in Tikonia area of Lakhimpur

Proclaim that the Indian Peasantry shall never be Afraid of Tyranny!

Where there is oppression, where there is exploitation, there rises a peasant movement..

Situation after US Imperialist Army’s Retreat and Taliban Taking Control of the Country

The American retreat from Afghanistan has once more proved….

The Five State Assembly Elections Could be a Check on the BJP’s Authoritarian Fascist Tendencies

The Assembly elections in five states – Kerala,Tamil Nadu, Bengal, Assam and Puducherry

Present Day Crisis Created by Govt’s Failure to Tackle Corona Menace

The entire country is devastated due to govt’s failure to anticipate

Reverberating Support to Palestine From the Peace Loving, Democratic Forces Across the World

American imperialists have been plotting to religiously split Palestine prior to 1948. In 1948, the United