Monthly Archive:: May 2019

NYAY: Another Pipe Dream Scheme

As a run up to the Lok Sabha elections, Modi’s government announced in the last budget an input support of […]

Andhra Pradesh: TDP Government – Promises and performance

Now for the 2019 election campaign, TDP and its supremo Chandrababu Naidu are trying to focus around only two issues: […]

Communist Platform – for the Communist Party of the Proletariat of Italy The Rise of Bourgeois Nationalism and the Tasks of the Revolutionary Proletariat

The venom of bourgeois nationalism is again poisoning the international political atmosphere.[…]

An Appeal to the Representatives of People

On the danger of eviction of Adivasis in the context of directive from Supreme Court In Andhra Pradesh, from Srisailam […]

New Zealand : Neo-Nazi terrorist attack on people

Forty-nine people were killed and another 48 injured in a horrifying terrorist attack yesterday afternoon on two mosques in the […]

Algeria: Demonstrations and Strikes Rock the Regime

Hundreds of thousands of people, predominantly youth came on to the streets of capital Algiers, port city of Bejaia and […]

Hanoi Summit: Gangster like Approach would not work

The two days Hanoi Summit of US President Donald Trump and the North Korean President Kim Jong-un held on 27-28 […]

An Ingenious Corporate Ploy to Appease the Soul-searching Employees and Their Social Consciousness!

One of the key aspects of the corporate business management of transnational giant technology corporations in this epoch of imperialist […]

Yet Another Deception Played by the BJP Rulers against Unorganised Sector Workers!

Besides this, there is a more fundamental serious aspect those various pension schemes that did not come in to any […]

Dismantling of BSNL by the Government

BSNL employees and officers have observed a three-day country-wide strike from February 18 to 20, highlighting their long-pending issues.[…]

BJP Government Penalises People for Its Fault

On coming to power in the states and at the centre the B.J.P. has been aggressively pushing its Hindutva religious […]

Distress of people as a vote bank for rulers

As the general elections are fast approaching, the ruling parties of every hue are promising every conceivable thing including ‘heaven’ […]