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India becomes a Fertile Ground for All Exploiters. Revolutionary Forces getting Organisationally Strong – Dhruva

India is also facing all the problems present …

Alternative Note of D.V.Rao (CCM, then CPI(M)) in Burdwan Plenum, Presented by C.P.Reddy

We are bringing out the Draft on the Ideological..

Cruelty Crossed All Limits at Bagtui, Birbhum

ower tends to corruption, absolute power corrupts absolutely….

Maharashtra MSRTC Workers are on Strike

Already 22 days have passed since the MSRTC…  

Review of Mulk Raj Anand’s Novel : Untouchable -Veeru

Untouchable’ was the first novel that had presented the sufferings

Speak what may, Issue Remains the Same!

Internal turmoil continues in the BJP, which is in power at the Centre.

Be Cautious!

The BJP has been unpredictably active since it came to power at the Center. Firstly,

India’s Vaccine Policy Needs Clarity

(Former Union Health Secretary K. Sujatha Rao’s Comment, The Hindu, June 22, 2021)

Imperialism and Covid

Covid, the once in a century pandemic has started an unprecedented pharmaceutical race over

G7’s Imperialist Plan can’t Defeat BRI – Ding Gang

The G7 summit announced that it will start a “Build Back Better World” global infrastructure plan, aiming to help

NATO vs China

The Annual summit of North Atlantic Treaty organization (NATO) took place on 14th June 2021 in Brussels

G7 Summit 2021

G7 Leaders are Committed on Global Health, Minimum Global Tax, Build Back Better World Project, Tracking the Rise of China […]