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Book Review:This land is Our Land!

In the USA, a country built by immigrants, the immigration controls are becoming tighter. Immigration both legal and illegal is […]

Kashmir – Fulfil the Aspirations of People

The PDP – BJP Govt. fell like a pack of cards with the withdrawal of BJP from the coalition. Governor’s […]

The Crisis of Banking System

The scandal involving the Punjab National Bank, numerous other Indian banks and diamond merchant Nirav Modi has once again brought […]

Farm Loan Waiver – Promises vs. Performances

Both the BJP and Congress announced loan waivers for farmers as the elections approached in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. […]

Farmer’s Woes -Empty Promises – Elusive Slogans

The NDA government headed by Narendra Modi has been parroting that it is taking all measures to double the income […]

Review : Gorky’s Mother (MAA) Came Alive On Stage

Gorky’s Mother came alive both Hyderabad..and Vijayawada on 6th, and 7th October respectively in the form of drama enacted […]