Monthly Archive:: April 2017

Baring the Fascist Fangs

Narendra Modi’s Government at the centre is baring its fascist fangs with every passing day while preaching ‘development’ and promoting […]

Condemn US Imperialist Attack on Syria

The Central Committee of CPI (ML) strongly condemns the missile attacks on Syria by the US imperialism in a flagrant […]

The Bombing of Syria : US Imperialist Design for Aggression

The US President Donald Trump ordered bombing of Syria on 7th April 2017 in flagrant violation of the international law,[..]

Israel : A Racist State Protected by Imperialists

…Building of Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories has become a well-articulated policy for the Israeli rulers..[…]

Big Powers – Main Road Block for Total Ban on Nuclear Weapons

The task before the world people and the forces of peace remains to continue the struggle for total disarmament and […]

Protests Aganist Chauri Chaura Persecutions and Sentences

CHAURI – CHAURA is a glorious event in the history of Indian National Movement. On February 1922, thousands of peasants […]

Imperialist Glottalization and Labour Market Reform In India

Summary of the inaugural talk delivered in the convention of the AIFTU(New) at Vishakhapatanam on 11th-12th, April,2017.[….]

A Specimen of the Class Nature of Justice of Exploitating Classes

The Maruti management according to its class nature of exploitation, to impede and thwart the unity among workers, and to […]

Poverty and Intimidation at the Gateway to Madagascar

Madagascar is famous for its splendid nature and exotic animals. But this beauty hides a reality of severe, endemic poverty […]

R.K Nagar By poll

The Election Commission (EC) has cancelled the RK Nagar by poll in Chennai on April 9, 2017,[…]

Karnataka : The Struggle for Water

A part of the Vega (popularly known as Hagiri) river flows through AP and a major part through Bellari of […]

Tamilnadu Peasants in Struggle

Tamil Nadu is in the jaws of worst drought never seen in the last 140 years. With no cultivation for […]