Monthly Archive:: March 2017

Donalad Trump is The Symptom of a Malaise

The election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of US imperialism with just 26 per cent of eligible voters […]

In memory of Comrade TN

Here we are publishing two letters by Com.Tarimela Nagireddy written to his younger brother Krishna Reddy from underground life. ..[…]

The Manifesto of Communist Party by Marx and Engels should be the General Basis for the Unity of Communists

Much time has lapsed in examining the ideological and political differences that are at the root of the divisions in […]

LOMEA: India to Serve the US Seventh Fleet

When the Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) was proposed and then signed in August 2016, we commented in these […]

The Futility Of Capitalist System

Ahead of the meeting of World Economic Forum at Davos, Oxfam has announced a report on the world conditions, analyzing […]

Devastation caused by Demonitisation in the Lives of Peasantry and Toiling People

This demonetization is nothing but a decisive attempt on the part of our rulers, to implement the digitalisation of India, […]

Government and Employers Repress Striking Garment workers in Bangladesh

The ready-made garment companies that have been earning millions of dollars of profit; have been keeping their workers in worst […]

Work Place Accidents

In Pakistan : On 6-1-2016, when a boiler blew up caving in the factory roof at a factory in Bilalganj […]

Report from Jharkand: Depriving Adivasis of Their Land

The government of Jharkhand organized a global summit for investment in Jharkhand…. the prominent morcha leaders, citizens, & activists were […]