Monthly Archive:: November 2015

What Leninism Means To Us

..In the teachings of comrade Lenin the toiling people all over the world have a powerful weapon in their struggle […]

The Paris Commune – And Marx’s Conception of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat

The Paris Commune occupies a central position in Karl Marx’s political thought. […]

Rising Communal Fascism

..a Hindu Priest of a temple made a loud announcement that the remains of slaughtered cow were found near Akhalaq’s […]

The Victorious Strike of Women Tea Plantation Workers Of Munnar that Exposed the Political Bankruptcy and Failures of…

The Munnar tea plantation women workers strike has once again amply proved that the path of undeterred struggle against the […]

Workplace Accidents

In SRILANKA :When a gem mine collapsed on April 8, 2015 at Ratnapura in Srilanka four workers were killed [..]

Japan’s Suzuki Royally Drains Away Wealth of India Through Maruti’s Royalty Payments!

..This fact of plunder can be easily understood by the example of Maruti Suzki’s payment of royalty payment to its […]

“Paris is Bleeding” – For Whom?

In a deadly terror strike Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) gunmen launched co-ordinated attacks in Paris […]

Lullaby for A Palestinian Child- Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Don’t cry child, your mommy has only Just cried herself to sleep.[…]

Prostration before Foreign Capital

The Modi government has opened the door more wider than before by making changes in FDI policy through executive orders.[…]

“Strive for A Scientific and Democratic Education”-Call of PDSO State-level Convention

The Progressive Democratic Students Organization (PDSO) organized its state convention at Mangalagiri town in Guntur district on 3, 4 & […]