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A Worker Reads History

A Worker Reads History -Bertolt Brecht

The Voice of Revolution

An Elegy on the Death of Comrade Jaswanth[…]

We Shall See :Translation: Mustansir Dalvi

Inevitably, we shall also see the day that was promised to us, decreed on the tablet of eternity.[…]

How does it End?- Merge Pierce

From Guatemala, from El Salvador, Honduras they travel overland With little, with nothing but hope Out of terror, from rape […]

poem : Fidel :You are the People

Poem : All I Ask

this poem was written by Padwa Touqan -10 year old Palestinian girl.[…]

Lullaby for A Palestinian Child- Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Don’t cry child, your mommy has only Just cried herself to sleep.[…]