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I believe a man’s greatest possession is his dignity…

“The Song of the Classes” – Ernest Jones

Chartist leader and poet, 1819-1869; sentenced in 1848 to two years imprisonment….


THIKANA – Sukanta Bhattacharya

I am A Muslim Woman – Moumita Alam

I am a Muslim Woman And I am not for sale

The Capitalist – Mahakavi Sri Sri

When we perceive This one man thieve..

The March of History – Mahakavi Sri Sri

The March of History – Mahakavi Sri Sri

Forward March – Mahakavi Sri Sri

The waves are rolling The bells are tolling…

In Praise of Communism – Bertolt Brecht

It is reasonable. You can grasp it. It’s simple. You’re no exploiter, so you’ll understand.


Never can I do in peace That with which my Soul’s obsessed,

My World – Karl Marx

Worlds my longing cannot ever still, Nor yet Gods with magic blest;

An Ode to Stan Swamy

– N. Sri Ranganath

A Worker Reads History

A Worker Reads History -Bertolt Brecht