Monthly Archive:: February 2019

Intensifying Class Struggles is the only way out!

The elections to the five state assemblies had completed with the defeat of BJP governments in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and […]

Ensure Success of All India Strike on 8th and 9th Jan. 2019 for Defence of Workers Jobs & Rights

In the last four and a half years there have been many workers struggles at the local levels in the […]

Peruvian Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) Without a Communist Party and an Organized People, There Is No Revolution

In the periods when there are high points in the class struggle, political demonstrations of all kinds generally arise; on […]

Dushkal he aasmani nasoon, sultani aahe

Several districts across the country have already affected by drought. Country recieves thre-fourths of rainfall during the south-west mansoon[…]


The US President also announced to withdraw half of US troops from Afghanistan[…]

Golden Rice Medicine is worse than illness

The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and its cohorts are quick to lay the blame among the farmers and organisations […]


According to the Companies Act 2013, certain class of companies need to spend at least 2% of the average net […]


Kashmir continues to bleed. On Dec’16, 2018, 7 persons died in a firing by the men of Rashtriya Rifles in […]

Beware! Our ’Democratic’ State Snoops Its Citizens!

On December 21, the cyber and information security division of the Ministry of Home affairs(MHA) had authorised 10 central agencies […]

Yet another Ghastly Killing of Hindutva Fascist Mobs

In the states of the B.J.P. rule these Hindutva fascist attacks, lynchings and killings have been increasing dangerously terrorising the […]

Rat-hole Mining at the Cost of the Lives of Workers!

Meghalaya is one of India’s top ten states as far as coal reserves go. But despite the ban of coal […]

Capitalism The Blood Sucker of the Working Class

To state that capitalism and particularly the neo-liberal capitalism of imperialist globalisation thrives by sucking the blood of the working-class […]